sherief Sherief Elkatsha was born in the United States, raised in Cairo, Egypt, and  currently lives in  Brooklyn, NY.
Elkatsha is currently editing his feature length documentary How To Drive in Cairo, a reflection of the city -  from the road.      
This year Sherief shot and edited his first music video for Supercute! -  “Not Write About Boys” - which premiered on Boing Boing in April 2010.
In 2009, Elkatsha shot Cairo Garbage - directed by Mikala Krogh  (a collaboration between the Danish Film Institute and Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR TV)  as part of the “Cities on Speed” series.  The series has aired all over the world on various networks (recently on the Sundance Channel - April 2010).
In 2007, Elkatsha co - directed and shot  (with Jehane Noujaim, director of Control Room Egypt: We are Watching You, a documentary about politics in Egypt as seen through the eyes of the pro-democracy activist group, The film was aired on 42 different networks around the world. 
In 2006, Elkatsha's first feature-length documentary, Butts Out, about 5 smokers and their struggle to quit, received the Best Documentary Award at the 2006 New England Film and Video Festival. The film was also an official selection at The Rhode Island International Film Festival, Rendez Vous with Madness Film Festival, and the Hollywood DV Festival.
Elkatsha has also directed numerous short films in Egypt and the U.S., including a documentary about the architectural restoration of Old Cairo. Other professional credits include serving as musical advisor for Artisan Entertainment's, and working on music videos for Wyclef Jean and The Roots, television shows for Comedy Central and Jim Henson Productions, and Discovery Channel's Eco-Challenge (Morocco/Argentina).

Client List Includes:
BBC, Comedy Central, Gawker Media, The Discovery Channel, Directors Guild of America, i5 Films, Jim Henson Productions, Killer Films, Ministry of Tourism (Egypt), Nickelodeon, Nimbus Films, Noujaim Films, Pennebaker Films

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